Our Mission is to help businesses by providing financial advice of the highest professionalism.

Our Strategy is to leverage on our financial and technical skills, and competence to provide a full range of corporate finance advisory services to stakeholders of the capital market, with the passion for helping them through our services.

Our Values drive who we are, what we do, and how we do.

At Optima, we are shaped and committed to four core values:

Advocate for Clients' Best Interest
We are dedicated exclusively to client service, prioritizing fiduciary responsibility and demonstrating our commitment in this area.

As such, our consideration will include strategies for long-term investments, present and future goals and how to raise the necessary cash to cover these.

Advocate for clients'best interest entails maximizing shareholders' wealth as the primary goal. To this end, internal meetings, minutes, transactions, and audits are all documented to ensure rigorous audit trails. It is vital that the client understands our advice and that the advice procedure is kept fully transparent.
Dedication and Enthusiasm
We push for, and execute, ideas that we believe will work for our clients. Our belief in the services that we provide is what helps us break new ground. This is empowered by cautious optimism, a sense that things could be better, and a confidence in the role that we play.

Calling on their solid corporate finance experience, the professionals of Optima have a proven record for implementing highly sophisticated and value-added services for all our clients.
Team Structure
Part of our success lies in our team structure. Optima's professionals are organized along team lines and only the best who understand the client's business are assigned to serve. Trust is enforced in an atmosphere of openness and transparency.

The team structure also encourages objectivity and frequent 'reality checks' that are essential to the screening and due diligence process.
All staff at Optima abide by a set code of conduct whereby honesty, fairness, professionalism and above all, compliance with regulatory rules are strictly adhered to.


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Hyfusin Group Holdings Limited

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China Harmony Auto Holding Limited

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OKG Technology Holdings Limited

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Fineland Real Estate Services Group Limited

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Binjiang Service Group Co. Ltd.

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